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Are you looking to release an obituary advertisement in a newspaper? It's a straightforward process with Just visit our website and get started. If you need specific details for your ad or have any questions, feel free to contact us at 7098989891. You can also choose the city edition where you want your obituary ad to appear, such as in the Times of India. You can book obituaries, death announcements, and tribute ads in classified and display formats in any of these newspapers. Publish the obituary ad in the Tribute/Obituary section. This ensures the most readers and respect for your departed loved one.

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How Can I make Obituary Classified Display Ads for paper publication?

You can create your Obituary Classified Ad for any newspaper via Booknewad. It's simple and easy too, because of the e-commerce model. At Booknewad you get a bunch of newspapers in a single place and they are widely circulated in India. So as you wanted to book Obituary Ads for a paper you had to find the place or city name along with the newspaper. Then check the newspaper's vital information on the next page. Like Complete price and tariff, which cites covering and when you have to book the ad. This way you get the complete info about the discounted package and a specific city.

So that is how you selected your newspaper and city, now it's time to make the Ad Creative for Newspaper Obituary Ad. So once you click on compose ad. You will be re-directed to make the Ad creative or Ad matter. That will be the ad content. Booknewad will send it later to the respective publication and city. They will publish the ad in the hard copy newspaper.

Now if you have the content handy you can just specify the Ad Size and upload it. But if you don't have the content you can make the content on the editor given in the Ad composer. In that editor, you can manually type the header, body, and footer content of the Ad. If you have selected the colour option the ad will be in colour. If you want to switch between Colour and Black & White, then on this page there is a filter section. Just change the colour option to show what you want. Then choose the release date and make the payment securely.

How many Days my Advertisement will be published if I order an Obituary Ad from Booknewad?

Your order will be processed as per your given information. So for example, if you selected a single release date for a particular newspaper. Then on that day, the Ad will be published. No other day your ad will print. But if in case you have ordered any discounted package then the ad will be published as per the package.

Why are all newspapers showing I can not find my desired newspaper?

Yes, I can understand your problem, but that is not a problem. If you want a specific newspaper, select its name from the filter. So in that way will only get results for that newspaper. The same goes for the city. Here, we list all cities because of many newspapers and their editions. If you want results for Bangalore and Delhi, then just select the city name from the city filter. Hope this will help you to locate the correct newspaper and city as you want them.

When is my Obituary Ad will be published in the newspaper?

Your Obituary Ad will be published on the same day as per your given information at the time of booking.

Where is my advertisement I can not find it in the newspaper.

Ok, first go to the order please page find it in the menu bar or from the top right corner. Then check the publication date. Open the newspaper from that day. If you booked an obituary ad in Kolkata's Anandabazar for 12/Dec/2021, find it in the Anandabazar Patrika Kolkata edition on the same date. You will never find your ad on any other date newspaper, on any other brand newspaper, or in any other city/edition. So everything should stay the same. Also, note that in other cities, you can't find the other editions of the newspaper.

If you don't live where you placed the Obituary Ad, an e-paper can help. But if you need the physical hard copy you have to buy them from local vendors.

Can I WhatsApp my Obituary advertisement for booking?

Yes, you can WhatsApp the Advt content. We will give you the proper link for booking and guide you throughout the session. This way, you will be able to book newspaper ads instantly and without errors. We will communicate with each piece of info as the publication needs. That will help you to understand the booking process and what should you do and what not to do.

Also, we will create the Classified Display ad for you. This is a free service. To avail that please complete the booking and make the payment. Then text us the order number from your registered phone. We will make the ad as you need.