Q: How to give an advertisement in the newspaper?

Book newspaper advertisement in the newspaper in a few easy steps. select one category which suits the advertising content. For example, you wanted to post a job advertisement in a newspaper. Then select the main ads category as Recruitment & Jobs. Then you have to specify the publication (newspaper) name. For example, you wanted to publish the job advertisement in the Times of India newspaper. So either you can find the newspaper by scrolling the page. Or you can filter Times of India from the filter option. So in that way, you will get all the price of newspaper ads. Related to Times of India Recruitment Advertisement. The next step is to find the city name. Where you wanted to show the Job Advertisement in The Times of India Classified. After that, you will get the offer and packages information. It will help you to decide and gives you the confidence of booking the newspaper advertisement online.

Then compose (write) your advertisement content. To do so you will have to click on Compose Ad on the very next page. It gives you the options for specifying the Ads Heading. For example, you are advertising for matrimonial advertisement in the newspaper. So it is mandatory to choose between Wanted Bride & Wanted Groom. By doing so you have completed 75% of the advertisement in the newspaper booking. Then type the advertisement content with valid contact information. After that select the publishing date and make the payment. If you do not make the payment advertisement in the newspaper won't come. Payment options are only visible to logged-in users. So please make sure that you have registered and logged on to the website. Booknewad won't allow anonymous payments.

Q: Can I change the Ad Matter or content of the Ad or the publication date after booking?

Changes can be done only if the order status is 'Payment Approved'. Other than this we can not change anything in the content or date. Because once the Newspaper Advertisement is processed to the respective publication house, they will start the printing process. However, you can request for alteration if it's not processed we will try o change the content as per request. But we don't recommend after booking alteration, so please make sure everything is correct before proceeding to the final payment.

Q: What is BooknewAd?

The Booknewad has started up in 2014, the initial name was Adeaction.com (Adeaction Media Solution). We are a newspaper advertising aggregator to launch the first online advertising booking portal in India. To meet our user experience and enhanced security we've tried to stay true to our core beliefs to our users. We are the only marketplace for advertisers, agencies, and media companies. We provide advertisers with multiple media options and help media houses to sell their ads space efficiently. BooknewAd is the only website that offers the best advertising opportunity as an ad aggregator & that helps advertisers to book ads online in over 175+ newspapers in India. So we developed BooknewAd with high-efficiency technology and a highly secure web platform.

Q: How to check my order status on BooknewAd?

Once you Book a New Ad with us and are registered you get access (through mobile number & email ID) to your order dashboard, wherein you can easily track the status of your Ad. You can also get in touch with our support team to know the status of your Ad. Simply log in to the website and check your booked order status.

Q: How to know when my Advertisement will get published?

It's pre-decided and you will have to choose the publication date at the time of booking the advertisement. Unless any external problem (like Ad content/ material issues/ publication internal issues) the ad will get published on the same date you specified.

Q: How do I book a newspaper classified Advertisement online?

Now it's very easy to book a new advertisement on the BooknewAd website. Simply follow three steps and make the payment.

  1. Chose the category (i.e: Matrimonial, Property, Business) name and then pick the offer package or city name for advertisement.
  2. Check the package/city details, if you feel that is absolutely ok, then compose the advertisement.
  3. Once you compose you have to specify the publication date.

So now finally you have created the newspaper advertisement. lastly, make the payment before the specified deadline.