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Book newspaper advertisement in the newspaper in a few easy steps. select one category that suits the advertising content. For example, you wanted to post a job advertisement in a newspaper. Then select the main ads category as Recruitment & Jobs. Then you have to specify the publication (newspaper) name. For example, you wanted to publish the job advertisement in the Times of India newspaper. So either you can find the newspaper by scrolling the page. Or you can filter Times of India from the filter option. So in that way, you will get all the price of newspaper ads. Related to Times of India Recruitment Advertisement. The next step is to find the city name. Where you wanted to show the Job Advertisement in The Times of India Classified. After that, you will get the offer and package information. It will help you decide. It gives you the confidence to book the newspaper ad online.
Then compose (write) your advertisement content. To do so you will have to click on Compose Ad on the very next page. It gives you the options for specifying the Ads Heading. For example, you are advertising for matrimonial advertisements in the newspaper. So it is mandatory to choose between Wanted Bride & Wanted Groom. By doing so you have completed 75% of the advertisement in the newspaper booking. Then type the advertisement content with valid contact information. After that select the publishing date and make the payment. If you don't pay, the newspaper ad won't run. Payment options are only visible to logged-in users. So please make sure that you have registered and logged on to the website. Booknewad won't allow anonymous payments.

Changes can be done only if the order status is 'Payment Approved'. Other than this we can not change anything in the content or date. Once the Newspaper Advertisement is processed, it goes to the publication house. They will then start printing. You can request an alteration if it's not processed. We will change the content as requested. But we don't recommend changing after booking. So, please make sure everything is correct before paying.

The Booknewad started in 2014. Its first name was Adeaction.com (Adeaction Media Solution). We are a newspaper advertising aggregator. We have launched the first online ad booking portal in India. To meet our user experience and enhanced security we've tried to stay true to our core beliefs to our users. We are the only marketplace for advertisers, agencies, and media companies. We provide advertisers with many media options. We also help media houses sell their ad space well. BooknewAd is the only website that offers the best advertising opportunity. It is an ad aggregator that helps advertisers book ads online in over 175 newspapers in India. So we developed BooknewAd with high-efficiency technology and a secure web platform.

Once you book a new ad with us and register, you get access (via mobile number and email) to your order dashboard. There, you can easily track your ad's status. You can also get in touch with our support team to know the status of your Ad. Simply log in to the website and check your booked order status.

You must select the publication date when booking the ad. The ad will be published on your chosen date as predetermined. Any issues aside, like ad content or publication problems.

About Booknewad.com

We are an advertising aggregator. Booknewad helps people to book newspaper advertisements online. We handle ad space for newspapers and advertisers' needs. Also, as an advertising aggregator, we take care of our business partners. We have built this new ecosystem to help all the potential advertisers with agencies. In company with our reputed publication houses. Our mission is to provide a completely automated newspaper advertisement booking platform.

We started in the year 2014 in the name of adeaction.com. We took every challenge as an opportunity and finally reached out to you. Booknewad started from scratch. Used 10 years of expertise to develop the application again. Because what you deserve no other platform is providing that quality services. User reviews and suggestions helped a lot to make this happen.

We provide media options like Newspapers Advertising. Also Radio, Cinema, Magazines, Websites, and even TV Channels. We are serving newspaper advertisement services through our web portal. Soon we are rolling out our other services on the Booknewad website. You can send us requests over email for other media buying options.

So now you can decide how you want to book your new ad whether 'buy smartly' or 'value buying'

Online Newspaper Advertisement Booking

Newspaper Advertisement online booking is a normal ad booking service. The booking process will be online or via the Internet. Real physical newspapers published it. This is as good as normal traditional advertisement publication in newspapers. So if you book any newspaper advertisement. So the ad will be available in a physical hard copy newspaper. The same ad will also be available on the internet edition of that newspaper.

So do not hesitate to book the newspaper advertisement online. Do check the ad rates and offers before booking the ad in the newspaper. Booknewad has all types of offers and discounts. You may check them on the ad rate details page. Which will help you to reduce the ad cost in total. So in the end, you will save a few more bucks for the next newspaper classified ads. Booknewad offers a range of newspaper advertisements offered by several publication houses.

What newspaper advertisements available on Booknewad?

Booknewad offers three types of newspaper ads 1. Classified Text Ads (Text Ads), 2. Classified Display Ad (CD Ad), 3. Multicolumn Classified Display Ad (MCD Ad). So for you, we separate ad types to understand them. You can check the text ad by clicking on the ad categories listed above. Also, the direct links for CD and MCD are available below.

You can check the details given below. Understand the difference between Classified Text Ads. Also, understand Classified Display Ads and Multicolumn Classified Display Ads. After that, you can make your decision. Which one is the best suited for your advertising needs? You may be looking for a Classified Display Ad. But due to a lack of information you booked a classified text ad.

So please check before you proceed with booking any advertisement online. Because online newspaper advertisement booking is easy. But if you don't know what not to do? Then your ad will not get that much response. So get the most out of any newspaper advertisement. Please check which type of advertisement will fulfill your advertising needs.

What is Newspaper Classified Advertisement?

Newspaper classified is very much like online classified advertisements. But newspaper publishes classified advertisements on a specific page. They do have a particular format. So readers see tiny advertisements in newspapers. Also, don't affect the advertisers' budget.

You often see on Sundays there is a separate page that comes along with the broadsheet newspaper. That has 'Rashifal' (Horoscope), Stories, etc. So this page has a space for Classified Ads. Such as Matrimonial Advertisements, Property Rent or Sale, and Business Classifieds. Job Vacancies & etc.

Text/ROL/Word Classified Advertisement

These are the most popular and cheap advertising formats. If you are looking for The Times of India Matrimonial Advertisement. You can book the Shagun Package for that. This type of advertisement will give you the freedom to advertise in the newspaper.

Because this is a text version of the classified advertisement. There are a few limitations that come along. Such as you can not add a custom font, and can not change the width of your ad matter. So for details, you have a look at the advertisement details page. The advertisement composes page has some more details.

Classified Display Advertisement

In this format, you have the convenience. Adding images, logos, custom fonts, background colours, text colours. The flexibility of adjusting font size, and a lot more. So this is the format where limitations are almost negligible, but few of them will still be there. As you know this is a classified format. So you can not change the width of your advertisement.

Because classified Advertisement pages have limited space. And have to include all its advertisers' content. So publishers have to manage space. The newspaper publication accommodates each advertisement within that space.

Multicolumn Classified Display Advertisement

You have complete control over Multicolumn Classified Display Ads. You have all the tools to edit your ad. It starts from the width of the ad content to add a brand logo, and big images for better visibility. This type of advertisement is more expensive than general classified ads. But at Booknewad you can customize your ad in a way that pretends to be a big commercial newspaper display ad. So you can book Multicolumn Classified Display Advertisement in newspaper.

Why online Newspaper ad agency is the best?

Because online newspaper ad agencies like Booknewad.com is fast and accurate. So if you place ads via an online newspaper ad agency. It will take less time and give you accurate ad rates. The online newspaper Ad agency will save you lots of time and effort. You can spend that extra time and money on your family. As an online ad agency at Booknewad, you will get more advertising options. So what are you waiting for?

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