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Do you want to publish The Times of India Public Notice advertisement in Classified Display? Heir you will find Public Notice ad in The Times of India offers. Get schemes from The Times of India directly. Book colour / black and white Classified Display Ads in a single place. If you want filters the cities you can do that. Get the Ad rates of Public Notice ads in The Times of India. Basic rates with a sample The Times of India Public Notice ad image is given below. If you want to get all the details about The Times of India Public Notice ads then simply click on The Times of India Public Notice sample Ads and get relevant information about that type of Public Notice advertisement. For example, if you want to book The Times of India Public Notice Advertisement. You can do it here by clicking on the The Times of India Public Notice offers. You will get all the discounted packages and single-city prices.

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How to Book Colour Classified Display The Times of India Public Notice Advertisement in Newspaper?

To book Colour Public Notice Advertisement in Classified Display format, you have to find the newspaper name and the city you wanted to advertise. To do so you can check the newspaper ad rates in the ad rates area. Then click on the newspaper name with the city. If you want to advertise in colour format then change the colour type from the filter. So then you will get the advertisement rates for colour. So after that in the The Times of India Public Notice newspaper ad will be in colour. Book cheaper Display advertisement form Booknewad.

So if you don't want to spend much more on the Display Advertisement then you can short the ads as Price Low To High. In that way, all ads with cheaper ad rates will be the first. Then the higher price ads will be displayed. Also, if you wanted to publish ads in multiple cities then check in the Discount Packages section and you can find much cheaper options in a bunch format. Like Times of India + Ei Samay Kolkata city Combo; Anandabazar Patrika + The Telegraph Kolkata combo. So in that way you don't have to book these ads separately. Just take the package and check the details and then give your Public Notice advertisement details and publication date. You are good to go, it's almost done. Finally, you have to make the payment via credit/debit card, net banking, or UPI.

How to write my Public Notice Advertisement in the newspaper?

Yes, it's very simple. So once you take the package for the Public Notice Advertisement now you have to type/write the ad content for the publication of Public Notice Ads in the newspaper. If you have already created the content for publishing you just need to paste the content in the given box on the Compose ad Page and calculate the Ad cost. But if you did not prepare the ad text for Publishing then it's time to take the help of the Sample Ad section. Booknewad gave a few Public Notice Sample Ads to understand the advertising language. You can find a suitable one for your need and copy the text in the given text area. If needed you can alter the previous content and make it as you wanted to publish.

Nice now tell me how to choose the publication date?

Yes good question, Booknewad is has everything you need for a newspaper advertisement booking. So once you compose the Advertisement you have to specify the ad release date on the same page. All the chosen dates will be your publication dates for the Public Notice Ad in that newspaper and city particularly. So if you are booking an Advertisement package. Then the advertisement will be published in all those newspapers and all the cities are given in that package. Also if you booked multiple dates for the same package. Then the same ad will be published in that package repeatedly for all of the dates.

How to know if my Public Notice ad has been published in the Newspaper?

You can check the newspaper physically or if e-paper is available then find the advertisement on the e-newspaper. But make sure you are checking the correct edition and page. For example, you have booked the Public Notice ad for The Times of India Gurgaon edition. But when you are checking the ad in The Delhi Times Of India edition. You will never be able to locate the Ad in the Newspaper. So make sure you are looking at the right page and newspaper.

What is Classified Display Ad in The Times of India Public Notice Advertisement?

Public Notice Ads in The Times of India have three types of Classified ads. This page is for Classified Display Advertisement. You can book any Colour or Black & white advertisement in The Times of India Public Notice category. Classified Display Ads offer maximum visibility. You can use Colour font, Add background colors in the Ad matter. Put logo or images to attract the reader's attention.

What is the minimum size for The Times of India Public Notice Ad?

Approximately 15 squire centimeters is needed for The Times of India Public Notice Ad booking.

Is there any rate difference between color/black and white ads?

See most newspaper offers different rates for Colour Ads. They also offer Black & White Ads for Matrimonial advertisements. Please change the color type to get the rates for Colour or Black. In that way, you will get accurate advertising rates.


For publishing a legal notice or court notice, summons, advertisement. Or other matters arising out of judicial proceedings required to be published in a newspaper. So the cost of publishing a public notice newspaper advertisement in the Times of India Delhi starts @ ₹8100/15 SQCM (B/W or Color). This is just to understand the pricing. The actual cost will have to calculate on the advertisement order page. Because the complete advertisement may need more space and that will increase the total cost. So it is recommended that please type the actual advertisement on the order page to get the actual ad cost. In that way, you will know the final cost of the public notice ad, not the basic cost. Because basic ad cost will not the final ad cost most of the time.

See generally it requires 1-2 days to process any newspaper advertisement. So times of India Delhi will need the same time to process any public notice advertisement. So if you place the order today then your Public Notice Advertisement in the Times of India newspaper will be published the day after tomorrow. If you want to know the actual date then please create the booking for the newspaper and select the actual publication date from the calendar. The date you select that day will be the actual publication date. So keep at list 2 days time so that your ad can process properly and publish. I hope you got the answer.

A public notice newspaper adv in the Delhi Times of India starts ₹8100/15 SQCM (B/W or Color). Please check the current price by checking the website and get the final ad cost of public notice after you compose the advertisement. To know the ad rates of Times of India Public Notice Ad Delhi please visit The above ad rate is for a Classified Display Ad. If you want to know more you can call us at 7098989891. 

Many properties may have disputes, so advocates advertise a public notice ad at the same location of the property. To book the Notice advertisement related to property can be done online. You have to visit the website - then select the ad category as Public Notice. Then you have to change the ad type to Classified Display. Because many newspapers do not have Text Advertisement options for Public Notice ads. As The Times of India is offing only Classified Display and Multicolumn Classified Ads for Notice Ad in the newspaper. Then select the city name or any package for the booking. Then click on Order New Advertisement. It will then give you an online form. You have to fill the advertisement content. Then Sub Heading, then specify the publication date. After filling in all information now it is time to log in and makes the payment. This is very easy and time-saving also. 

Document Required For Publish Public Notice Ads

Affidavit for Giving Public Notice ad in Newspaper.

Advocate Letter with the ad content written on it with a signature stamp.

Id of the advertiser who is giving public Notice Ad