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AdCoins offer get maximun 500 coins on this Ad. T&C

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Bartaman newspaper published in the Bengali Language

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Classified Text

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Sample Letterhead

Please upload a scanned copy of your Company/ Organization/ Proprietor signed Letter Pad (or Letterhead). That Letter should contain Company Name, Complete Address with Pin Code / Nearest Location. Phone Number or Email ID should match with the Advertisement Content provided above.

If nothing matched between Letterhead Header information and matter then the ad will be kept on hold until we receive the proper letterhead/document.

At last one contact information should be matched with the content or the advertisement matter provided. The matter should & letterhead text should be properly visible.

If you decided to send us the document via Email / WhatsApp it should reach us before the publication deadline for the date you selected. Otherwise, Ad will be kept on hold.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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Order for weekdays 14 hours before and weekends 38 hours before the first release date.


  • Bold Text 100% Extra
  • Side Border ₹700 Extra
More Enhance
  • Online Classified ₹60 Extra

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Bartaman in Kolkata edition



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Net banking & Credit/ Debit/ ATM card, UPI, Wallet


This is an affordable and value for money ad in Kolkata Recruitment Advertisement. This is a branded newspaper advertisement in Kolkata city. You can use this advertisement for Bartaman Recruitment Ad in Kolkata. Book newspaper ads online for friends and family. Now order your valuable newspaper ads from your home. Book classified in newspaper with these high circulating newspaper.

  • Job Vacancy - কর্ম খালি

Bartaman Recruitment Advertisement in Kolkata Details. For the newspaper classified ads for print media.

Printed From - Bartaman Newspaper physically printed from Kolkata Edition

Parent Category Heading - Recruitment Classified Advertisements in Bartaman newspaper

Recruitment Ads in Bartaman Kolkata Circulation

Bartaman Newspaper is very popular in Kolkata and surrounding areas. Bartaman classifieds advertisement is the most trusted ad in India. So you can go for it.

Bartaman Recruitment Ad in Kolkata Publication Days

Ad Published Days

Charges Details

Other Information

The applicable day for classifieds advertisement is in the composing ad section. So, that is the best day for Bartaman Kolkata Recruitment Ads.

Text Ads charges Per Letter/ Word/ Line and Classified display ads charged per sqcm unit.

Bartaman newspaper offers other advertising formats. You can highlight Bartaman advertisement using Enhancements. This will increase the cost but adding ( Bold Text 100% Extra Side Border 700 Extra Online Classified 60 Extra ) will give more visibility in the newspaper classified section. Generally, newspapers have 4 types of advertisement formats. So the first one is Classified Text Ads, then the second is Classified Display Ads, the third is Multicolumn Classified Display, and the last but not the least is Commercial Display Advertising.

Bartaman Recruitment Advertising Options in Kolkata

Classified Text Ads

Single column Classified Display Ad

Multicolumn classified Ad

Display Ads

Bartaman Classified Text Ads charged based on Line/ Letters/ Words unit. This is a simple classifieds advertisement in this newspaper. Get the lowest rates for classified advertisement online.

Bartaman Single column Classifieds advertisement in Display Ad charged per sqcm unit.

Multicolumn classified Ad charged per sqcm unit in Bartaman newspaper.

Bartaman Display Ad is charged per sqcm unit.

Bartaman Kolkata Display Ad Details

Ad Size of Display Ads

Display Ad Information

Payment options Details

Bartaman Display Ads start from 4x5 cm to full page

Display ads and classified text ads are completely different than each other. Bartaman Classified Text ads are mostly a basic form of advertising. But the bigger advertisements are called display ads. So basically if you publish any classified text ads in the newspaper that will be on a separate page and category like - Recruitment. You can not manipulate the page/position of the ad by paying extra. But if you want you can manipulate the page and position of your newspaper display advertisement.

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Kolkata Bartaman Classified Display Ads Details

Classified Display Ad Size


Other Features

Bartaman Classified Display Ad Starts from 3x5 to 3x25 or in some cases 52cm in length. So the minimum size of a classified advertisement is approximately 15 sqcm.

Bartaman advertisement in newspaper for Recruitment category required 300 DPI/PPI resolutions for Display Advertising.

Recruitment Classified display ads are one of the most loved advertising formats. It allows you to add colours, fonts, and images to it. So it can make a good advertisement deal under classified display ads. Booknewad offers the lowest rates for newspaper advertising.

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18 ratings & 8 reviews







easy to use ad booking website.

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খুব ভালো

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Our advertisement got published without delay.

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I booked my first ad in Bartaman.

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Questions and Answers

Bartaman Recruitment Advertisement Sample Content

PHP Developer Wanted Skills reqd. Laravel, PHP, Mysql, JS, HTML, Exp. 1-3y. Salary 12-25K. send CV: [email protected]
জলপাইগুড়িতে consumer goods কোম্পানিতে সেলস এর কাজের জন্য টেলিকলার ও মার্কেটিংয়ে পুরুষ এবং মহিলা প্রয়োজন। M 0000000000
কোচবিহার ও জলপাইগুড়িতে তথ্য সংগ্রহ করার জন্য কর্মঠ কর্মী প্রয়োজন স্থায়ী বেতন 10000+ প্লাস D.A ইনসেন্টিভ। M 0000000000

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