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Kashmiri Ad rate is not same for all categories. You can check advertising cost by choosing the Classified Ad category.

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About Kashmiri Advertiseent in newspaper

Why Publish advertisement in Kashmiri Newspaper?

The Kashmiri language is important for Kashmiri readers. If your target audience speaks in Kashmiri. Then Book advertisement in Kashmiri. So Kashmiri Newspaper advertising is a trusted media in India. Because newspaper advertising in the local language is the best way of advertising. This is a trusted communication path. If you want to communicate a larger mass via Kashmiri Newspapers.
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Placing Kashmiri newspapers advertisements has always been challenging. But at Booknewad have made it easy to do. Advertise in top Kashmiri newspapers online. Advertisers can target Kashmiri consumers through Kashmiri language ads. So by selecting the best Kashmiri newspaper from a wide list. Book Ads in leading Kashmiri newspapers of India. Language feature enables advertisers to create advertisements in the Kashmiri language.
Avail of exclusive rates and special discounts. Book Kashmiri Classified Advertisement online. For example, you can book newspaper ads in Kashmiri. In the following categories like Announcement, Astrology, Business categories. Also, other ads categories like Computers, Education, Entertainment, Jobs And Recruitment & Lost Ads. Other options are there like Marriage Bureau, Matrimonial, Name Change, Notice And Tender. Few popular ads like Obituary, Property, Remembrance, Services, Travel, and Wedding Planners.

How to advertise in Kashmiri Newspapers via

1. Choose the Advertisement category and click on the icon to proceed to book Kashmiri Ads.
2. Find the discounted Package or apply the filter to get a suitable one.
3. Check details about the Kashmiri newspaper advertisement. Check Kashmiri sample ads and compose the advertisement. Then verify the content for error-free advertising.
4. Then select publication Dates and make online payments. we accept payment via Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking. Any other online payment mode from all the banks around the world.
In this way, you can create and advertise in Kashmiri Newspapers. Please feel free to contact us for instant help on any newspaper advertising need.
Type of Advertising options to advertise in Kashmiri Newspapers
Kashmiri Classified Text Ads:- Classified text ad is a common form of newspaper advertising. These are simple running text line ads. That can enhance with enhancements.
Classified Display Ads in Kashmiri:- Classified Display Ads are also known as column ads. The advertiser can now customize their ads. By uploading images, logos, font styles & sizes. Please use our existing template for composing the ad in Kashmiri. Also, you can upload your won Ad matter if you want.
Multi-Column Ads in Kashmiri:- MCD Ads are more extensive than Text Ads. Such advertisement has the capability of catching attention. Advertisers can upload the advertisement design in PDF/ JPG/JPEG formats. Can upload their ads as per requirements.