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About Aapla Vartahar Advertisement in newspaper

Aapla Vartahar is a prominent Marathi language daily newspaper in Maharashtra with a massive readership base. Booking classified or display ads in Aapla Vartahar is now easier. It is more convenient than ever, thanks to, a trusted online ad booking platform. Advertisers can take advantage of the newspaper's excellent reputation for effective promotions. Book ads from the comfort of their homes or offices at the lowest rates.

Booknewad is an authorized agency approved by The Aapla Vartahar Group. Advertisers can choose from various types of ad rates, combo packages, and discounted packages. Order ads for different categories. Like Matrimonial, Business, Personal, Lost Notice Ads, Public Notice Ads, and more. With Booknewad, booking newspaper advertisements in Aapla Vartahar is hassle-free and cost-effective.

Advertisers can book the following types or formats of ads in Aapla Vartahar:

Aapla Vartahar Display Ads:

Display ads are the most extensive and elaborate form of advertising. Such newspaper advertisements have the capability of catching attention. Advertisers can upload custom designs for newspaper advertisements. Preferred formats are PDF/JPG/JPEG and other popular formats, and book their ads as per their requirements.

Aapla Vartahar Classified Display Ads:

Classified display ads, also known as column ads, are a little catchier than text ads. Advertisers can customize their ads by uploading images, logos, font styles & sizes. Classified Display Ads are available in color as well as black & white as per requirements. Advertisers can compose their newspaper advertisement in Aapla Vartahar Classified Display ad. Using Booknewad's designed templates or upload their customized content as per their need.

Aapla Vartahar Classified Text Ads:

Classified Text advertisements are the simplest and most popular form of newspaper classified advertising. Text ads are simple writings in the text. Adding enhancements like ticks, screen borders, and background colors from online enhancements will make it more visible. These ads are charged based on the number of lines used for the specific content of the advertisement.

Booking an Aapla Vartahar advertisement in the newspaper is easy and hassle-free with Booknewad. Here are the steps to book your ad:

  1. Select your Ad category name to proceed (e.g., Matrimonial Ad, Tender Ad, Financial Notice Ad, Lost Notice Ad, Public Notice Ad).
  2. Choose the city or package with the lowest rates. Please use filters as per your need.
  3. Compose your advertisement Matter (Get sample Advertisements). Verify it and save it in the cart.
  4. Choose the ad publication dates from the calendar & pay online using our hassle-free & SSL-secured online payment mode to receive instant confirmation.

We accept Net Banking Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, BHIM, and other online payment modes from all the banks around the world.

Upon successful and verified payment, you will receive an email with all the details of your ad booking and payment details. Your Aapla Vartahar advertisement is now ready for final print on the specified date(s) once it passes through the editorial approval policies of the newspaper.

For more details and queries about Aapla Vartahar Advertisement, feel free to contact our customer service at any time. We will be more than happy to assist you!

More About Classified Advertisement in Aapla Vartahar newspaper.

Classified advertisements are a type of advertisement that appears in newspapers and magazines. They are usually placed in a specific section of the publication. Such as the classifieds section, and are intended to advertise products or services to a specific audience.

Aapla Vartahar is a Marathi language daily newspaper that is published in Maharashtra. It is a popular newspaper that is read by many people in the state. If you want to advertise in Aapla Vartahar, you can place a classified advertisement.

Classified advertisements in Aapla Vartahar can be used to advertise a wide range of products and services. For example, you can place a classified advertisement to advertise a job opening or to sell a used car. You can also use classified advertisements to advertise matrimonial ads, lost and found ads, and public notice ads.

When placing a classified advertisement in Aapla Vartahar, you need to follow certain guidelines. For example, you need to make sure that your advertisement is brief and to the point. You should also include all the necessary details, such as your contact information and the price of your product or service.

To place a classified advertisement in Aapla Vartahar, you can use an online ad booking platform like This platform allows you to book your advertisement online and get the lowest ad booking price in the Aapla Vartahar newspaper.

When booking a classified advertisement on, you can choose from different ad types and formats. For example, you can choose a classified text ad, which is a simple text-based advertisement. Or you can choose a classified display ad, which is a more elaborate advertisement that includes images and other design elements.

The cost of a classified advertisement in Aapla Vartahar depends on the type of advertisement you choose. Also, the length of your advertisement. Classified text ads are usually less expensive than classified display ads.

Overall, placing a classified advertisement in Aapla Vartahar can be a great way to advertise. It will help reach your products or services to a wide audience in Maharashtra. By following the guidelines and using an online ad booking platform. You can get the most out of your classified advertisement and reach your target audience effectively.