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The Telegraph Ad rate is not same for all categories. You can check advertising cost by choosing the Classified Ad category.

Now it's very easy to book a new advertisement on the BooknewAd website. Simply follow three steps and make the payment. Pick the category, find the package for newspaper ads. Create the Advertisement in The Telegraph classified. Select the Publication Date and confirm the payment online.

About The Telegraph Advertisement in newspaper

Any business, whether it is online or offline, always requires revenue. Newspaper Advertisement is the only medium to reach the target group. So this is the gateway for businesses to enter the competition in the market. Thus, In today's economy advertisement plays a vital role. But it is not for business advertisers or working professionals. Newspaper advertisements proved that in recent years.

Every individual places ad more often to fulfill their needs. So they have also taken their place in the group of advertisers. Advertising agencies started valuing all advertisers. Irrespective of their background and ad placing history. Considering them as their target buyers. Booknewad, after a sound observation, has noticed that The Telegraph is a choice of many.

Most Advertisers, especially in West Bengal the advertisers prefer The Telegraph Advertisement because :

1. The Telegraph by ABP group. Has created its reputation among its readers. By providing them quality content, since 1982.

2. Its readership record is in east India and some parts of northeast India. Has convinced a lot of advertisers.

3. Ad rates are very cheaper in many of the categories.

The Telegraph is the largest English newspaper. In Eastern India which has five editions Kolkata, Guwahati, Jharkhand, Siliguri, and Ranchi.

Being an advertiser, you can reach most of the English-speaking households of Kolkata. The Rest of Bengal, Jharkhand, Assam, and Orissa along with the corners of northeast India. To book your ad in The Telegraph newspaper Booknewad can help you do that in a hassle-free way.

You can use our booking website to book ads in various categories. Like Marriage, Obituary, Business, Property. Advertising with The Telegraph has several advantages like:

> The Telegraph Advertisement has established itself as a brand. With high standards in news reporting.
> A huge loyal readership in east India including the northeast.
> TT advertisement rates in various categories are quite cheaper based on readership.
The most popular English newspaper of east India is The Telegraph. The newspaper reaches most of the households of West Bengal. Also some parts of Jharkhand, Orissa, and Assam along with the far corners of the Northeast part of India. With a readership of more than a million in the past year. The Telegraph Advertisement remains one of the best platforms to advertise in.

More About Classified Advertisement in The Telegraph newspaper.

Booknewad is a The Telegraph authorized Ad agency approved by The Telegraph Advertisement.

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Booknewad is a well-reputed and authorized site. For booking advertisements with good experience in the field of newspaper ads. You can now advertise with us under Matrimony, Business, Personal. Other categories are Obituary, Property, Vehicles, Automobile, and Recruitment. Available in The Telegraph classified ads in the newspaper. Book ads under the following ad formats:

Multi-Column Classified Display Ads - MCD Ads are more extensive than Text Ads. And an elaborate form of advertising. Such an advertisement has the capability of catching attention. Advertisers can upload the advertisement design in PDF/ JPG/JPEG/PSD formats. And book their ads as per requirements.

Classified Display Ads. Classified displays are also known as column ads. Include little Text content in color and bold. The advertiser can now customize their ads. By uploading images, logos, font styles & sizes. Classified Display Ads can add color as well as Black & White as per requirements. With us, can compose your The Telegraph Classified Display ad online. Use our existing templates for composing the content of the ads. But you may also upload your composed Ads as per your need.

Classified Text Ads. Text Classified advertisement is the simplest form of newspaper advertising. These are simple running text line ads. That can enhance with enhancements. Like ticks, screen borders, background colors. These ads are charged on the basis of lines used for the specific content of the advertisement.
Steps to publish an advertisement in The Telegraph newspaper.

As per the desired category of your choice through

1. Select your Ad category and proceed.

2. Choose City or Package with rate filter as per your need.

3. Compose your advertisement with the help of our online sample ads. Then verify it via our exclusive Preview Ad Feature.

4. Then select publication Dates and clear the payments. Via our hassle free & SSL-Secured online mediums to receive instant confirmation.

We accept payment via Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking. Any other online payment mode from all the banks around the world.

Upon successful & verified payment, you will receive an email. With the details of your The Telegraph classified ad booking. Your The Telegraph Ads is ready to be published on the specified date(s). It has to passes the editorial approval policies. The The Telegraph Advertisement department will take care of it.

For any more details and queries about The Telegraph Advertisement. And the booking of your advertisement, feel free to contact our Customer Service at any time. We will be more than happy to assist you. You can contact The The Telegraph Advertisement collection center near you.