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Book Announcement Ad in newspapers online with Booknewad. It's quick, easy, and saves time. You only need 5 minutes of your valuable time. Don't wait! Customize your ad type and view rates for newspaper announcements. Use the filter option to find registered newspapers for Announcement ads. For combo newspaper ads, explore our packages. If you're targeting Delhi, select the city in the filter to access Delhi's announcement newspapers.

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How to Place an Announcement Advertisement in a Newspaper's Classified Section?

To book an Announcement Advertisement in a Classified Text format, you need to identify the newspaper and city for your ad placement. Begin by checking the ad rates section of the newspaper to determine the rates. Select the desired newspaper and city combination, and if you prefer a text format, your ad content will be in a standard text line with limited options for enhancement. Text advertisements are more cost-effective compared to display ads.

For budget-conscious advertisers, sorting ads from "Price Low To High" can display cheaper ad rates first, followed by higher-priced ads. Additionally, consider bundled packages for multiple cities available in the Discount Packages section, such as Times of India + Ei Samay Kolkata combo or Anandabazar Patrika + The Telegraph Kolkata combo. This approach saves you from booking ads individually. After selecting a package, provide your announcement ad details and choose the publication date. Complete the booking process by making payment through credit/debit card, net banking, or UPI.

How to Craft an Announcement Advertisement for Newspaper Publication?

Creating an Announcement Advertisement is straightforward. Once you've selected a package, compose your ad content for publication. If you already have the content, paste it into the designated box on the Compose Ad page to calculate the cost. Alternatively, if you need assistance, utilize the Sample Ad section provided by Booknewad, offering sample announcement ads to guide you in crafting your advertisement.

Now, let's discuss selecting the publication date.

When selecting a publication date, specify it on the same page where you compose your advertisement. The chosen dates will be for publishing your Announcement Ad in the specified newspaper and city. If you've booked an Advertisement package spanning multiple dates, your ad will appear repeatedly on those specified dates across all newspapers and cities included in the package.

How to Confirm If Your Announcement Ad Is Published in the Newspaper?

To verify your Announcement Ad's publication, you can either physically check the newspaper or access the e-newspaper if available. Ensure you are looking at the correct edition and page. For instance, if you booked your ad for The Times of India Gurgaon edition, check that specific edition rather than another edition like The Delhi Times of India.

How Can I Trust Booknewad for Online Newspaper Ad Bookings?

Booknewad has served nearly 2.5 Lakh users in recent years, with positive reviews and ratings available on our social media platforms. Among competitors, Booknewad is a trusted brand known for never missing ad publications and ensuring 100% on-time delivery for advertisements booked through our platform.